Evaluation 2016

The project Competence Centre for Bibliometrics was assessed by an independent expert committee in 2016 on behalf the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

The committee members were:
Prof. Guido Bünstorf (INCHER, Kassel University) (head)
Dr. Fabian Hattke (Hamburg University)
Dr. Anna Kosmützky (INCHER, Kassel University)

The reviewers were asked to rate the past performance and give recommendations for the future organization of the project. They based their evaluation on application documents, project reports, self-reports of the member organizations, interviews with users and stakeholders and on a consultation with the member representatives and the members of the scientific advisory council.

As a result the review committee recommends the continuation of the project in its main aspects, an extension of the activities and organizational changes in particular areas.

Report of the review committee (German)