The following projects have been carried out in previous funding periods. Research results may be found in publications.


  • Journal-Historisierung und Zugehörigkeit (I²SoS Bielefeld)
  • Scalable Disambiguation of Institutions for Web of Science (GESIS)


  • Analyzing Self-citations in Web of Science (GESIS)
  • Applying Crossref license information to identify gold, hybrid and delayed open access publications in the KB publication corpus (DZHW)
  • Effizientes Retrieval auf Web of Science-Daten mit Elasticsearch (GESIS)


  • Feasibility analysis of address sectoral classification for international corporations (DZHW)
  • Assignment of unique author IDs in WoS, Part 2, (GESIS)
  • Geocoding (Bielefeld University)
  • Bibliometric indicators as Stored Procedures (DZHW)


  • Assignment of unique author IDs in WoS (Fraunhofer ISI and GESIS)
  • Hierarchical article classification (GESIS)
  • Measures of heterogeneity in WOS subject categories and their effect on field-normalized citation indicators (DZHW)
  • The effect of the KB address disambiguation on bibliometric indicators on the institutional level (Bielefeld University I²SOS and DZHW)


  • Reliability and validity of funding acknowledgement data in Web of Science (iFQ)
  • Identification of emerging research areas (Fraunhofer ISI)
  • Bibliometric approaches to brain drain analysis of researchers (Fraunhofer ISI)
  • Institutional address disambiguation (Bielefeld University I²SOS)
  • Development of methods and indicators for the assessment of errors in bibliometrics (error calculus) (iFQ)
  • Field delineation and international collaboration (iFQ and Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg GmbH (ISN), Oldenburg)
  • Classification and similarity analysis of mathematical publications (Bielefeld University I²SOS)
  • Usability of bibliometric indicators for university benchmarking (iFQ)
  • Comprehensive coverage of patent applications of universities
  • Expected citation rates and classifications (Fraunhofer ISI)