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Working reports

Annual macro level database snapshot comparison reports

Each year the administrative office carries out systematic checks of the new SQL database snapshots in comparison to last year's for inhouse database built on Web of Science and Scopus data, respectively. In particular, these reports work with aggregate units of analysis such as German science system sectors, scientific disciplines, or countries and fundamental bibliometric indicators in order to show any possible problems that can only be seen in real-world analyses as opposed to granular item-level data quality checks, which form another pillar of the KB quality assurance. These reports are in English. Note that any issues apparent in the reports need not indicate errors in the original data but may also be introduced in the loading and analytics steps on the part of KB.

Country and institution disambigution reports

The Bibliometrics Working Group in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Science, Bielefeld University, operates the country and German institution disambiguation systems for the KB data. The reports are in German.